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starting to think that the world is full of garbage when it comes to technological evolution due to the misinterpretation, reuse and acceptance of circular knowledge frameworks leading up to limited innovation. Common proof of this inference is the so called Moore’s law- technological innovation will get stuck at nano tech and production cost. One more factor that can easily be added to this ‘law’ is doomed scientific research and progress. This effect can be observed in other scientific fields as well, for example, physics- stuck at multiple points which can be defined using displacement scale and frame of reference- the two basic achievements of science and mathematics. We are talking about inconsistent and full-of-assumption theories like general relativity, quantum mechanics, string theories, etc. Getting back to computer science and technological side of development, we can see that programming languages and microprocessors are not getting any faster despite reduction in size of the processors due to the repetition of the same, inefficient, decades old base/base logic. Frustrating since the internet is insufficient when it comes to trying to reinvent basic principles and technological avenues- no one seems to know the exact mechanisms; this is also because of bullshit companies patenting basic technologies. FUCK SOCIETY.

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