infinite time meing
summa lumma dumma lama you a fucking crazy lama fucking dip shit dipping done by dippdexes imma elevate the elevator songs by rhyming about them shit hit songs sung by eminem am not a stan fuck a stan crazy women haters gonna be fired off the fare this be the start of the new beginning imma whoop your ass like a crazy fucking breezy fricking doozy freaking berzerking shitking rap goes shitking flying away rap god being the god of women haters being the song of singing haters but am here now singing the same thing try and dare to spit about my birds and see you got no balls anymore like before the same thing again and again bitch what the fuck here goes hopsin hopping singing sinning finna gonna get songs done faster than your rap bro come and try me come and cry me a river that breaks your rap roots bruh what the fuck you copying eminem for man you cop-y-ing a woman hater boy fuck rap fuck english fuck come and see in india how they rap in english spitting hindi better than you spit english speaking english bitch what the fuck
get this done by the morning when i spit some smoke out my ass from the night before here i go rehab rap from your dirty ass shit verses bro i snap peeps like kr$ns like a fucking sub-missile sub-nano-tech-bitch-vibrator bro…fuck this rap fuck this verse imma get some hair done get some coke get some freaking hip hop record label and burn it to the ground bro what the fuck bro? kr$na you fucking goat ass rapper imma summa luma dumma your ass with a rap knife across your face bro come check out my facebook bro I kill fucking goat fuckers everyday bro bro bro what the fucking fuck bro doesn’t this make any sense bro see this is my this is my speed without 2x-speed about my rapping skills bro
making makeshift paras i go around singing my songs around like no one else in this town is better than the thy you see in the mirror everyday i see myself spitting lyrics at your face spitting my face at yours till i drop a drop of blood through my sweat i announce my arrival in this chicken shit crap of a rap community i see these days everyone just spitting around drool rapping slow verses made out of hours of thinking spitting lame shit everywhere you go you see the same thing going around everyone you see spit fucking the same crap thinking that miming these verses imma rap around some artistic bullcrap singing feelings that never existed in them niggas i done giving a crap about your history about your culture about your short dick and your fucking metre long milestones keep them to yourself fucking kill yourself on them imma done screwing around making verses that verse my self singing crap sounds crying to myself imma change everything once and for all i hope to see you come along but mind that i do not give any i mean any fuck though fuck though lets just trap this crap though give it some beat yo yalls done singing yalls songs when i come around with my beat tagging along my vibe singing along and my lyrics spitting bullets at your songs the only way imma make my verses rhyme is by singing them as fast as anyone ever can and could and would and should cause your aint taking these words to the moon without me moving my tongue and cheeks as i smile cheeks at slim shady and his shades that verse his grades shoutout to my birds and my children i go around free as a raven rapping clapping poking some musical beaks around satisfaction is when you turn around listen to the verse and spit back with the same amount of trigger trigger trigger make some trigger noise its time to leave this sight with might no might this is the same verse the same feeling stated differently elevating elevator songs levitating maneuvers incriminating words discriminating beats psychologically distorted hooks coming along with books of verses falling on the ground like a falcon almost loosing its sight
i think its time to break this cyclone of psyches marches of bullshit randomness of cultures traffic of words and clogging of idiots calling themselves rappers the only way you make a rap is by making the other forget all other sounds the noises you make clogs ears and the fuck you thinking rapping about your clothes your music smells as bad as those you might wanna brain wash you and your clothes when i smash your brains across those threads those threads more varied than the nerves splashed across your shirt come see my spit fuck some fuck in my den without a mic i throw missiles at your mansions of green bills and drugs imma snatch the light off your eyes you see through nothing you see through those eyes you made blind through your own might you losing the sight off the right write here i make crack across your album while i spit at it like a crazy ass bird making some artwork
make this rap come faster than the speed of the speed of light not known to us yes spitting electromagnetic versions of these verses these verses be unfamiliar to you what the fuck right write this bitch down right coming right up as fast as you can perceive imma nigga with a cause nigga for no cause coz yes i can be what i wanna be i gonna be whatever i wanna be i finna get down in this bitch trap house record my albums on my phone crying out both of us going down the laugh factory sarcasm edition new edition this edition be the edition of editions come up right as i break right up to the bottom of the ground shaking everything to the sides north east west south english spitting in this house as i make the walk the star light gets dull against my rap light like light lighter than a feather of my birds being competitive is my jam taking jams to the next level imma come up as i go down this straight path shining rocks as i rock this shit spit drool on the rockheads rock headed hip hoppers artist as they become shit rappers going down this lane isnt as easy as going down the other lane the other lane being lane never found or given being the lane you make up as you switch switch lanes to the up side down right write left to the spit adding masterpieces as i walk along with my damn headphones on going on about going on life never giving up on me never up on life rap this shit like a rap if you can as i can as i might as i have the might to give it a try sooner than later i might i may i be the best there ever is if i do this these be the words i type right for now as i be like i always be which is no better than how you be yet I be the one who is supposed to be listen to the music the music that it makes when it makes something ever as it can be i spit these drools like fools at my screen as i breathe the same sound i rap about this be the making of something for the greater something for the better this is the end of this spit over and out coming out

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infinite rhymes hein yein©

hindi hindi hindi hindi inko dekho dil ke rappers… ye lo freestyle freestyle mein padh lo isko iskey validation mein ek kavita rap kar de do…
nahi aana tha wapas uss insaan se us rhyme se us kavita se mein mujhe tumhe sab ko chodo dur jeene do uss life mein jo mujhe tumhe tujhe mujhe jeeni nahi ab iske baad isse aa ja tu waapas mujhmein ho rha hain aafat aafat hi sahi sab bhasm hi sahi ab aa jao tum iske baad mujhmein saare jaha se acche wo jaare bacche pehne hein kacche par dil se sabse acche iske baad aaye hum humare sansar mein litpit hout litpit latpat jhatpat khap khap ghatpat ghutan chhutan suraj jaise chamkey saare mere panchiyo ke bacchey
kailash gaya bhaad mein me aaunga use todke use phadke usse phatt ke phaad du tumhe jo aara mere paas bey bey bhenchod tere sar pe padey latpat sab keedo ke dushman teri ma ka chuu saale bc mc muu me lele mic aur kar le apene havas ko pura bey tu aaisa kaisa samajh mein nahi to aata rap to aata hein bhi nahi boley to kaise tu aisa bata kaha jata atera paisa kitna tu hilata kitne baar tu washroom jata ulti marta trip leta randi choddta tere dhuesebane jhopdi ghar mein ab saale kya tu even nahata?
sapno mein aaye saare nein saale tere nein mein geerey tel bey
khopdi khol deta tu aaya mein jagat mei mitane tere jaise logon ko on rastey unn logon ke vastey unn rappers ke vastey jinse baat karne tarse mein mere jaise un ke jaise ye log aise kaise? haat saala dahi kadipatta aaaja karley match mere saath swipe right tu on my semantics bitch i don’t come across as a rapper while i spit on your spit fuck songs the way you spit i am half ocd half good and half bad ways you rap makes me tick in ways you might not decide to be good for yous peeps who live for lyrics who die for meanings who rap like poems poem makers poets poetics you spit around don’t worry imma come spit this shit on a slant slant-ting ting slanting over your faces as i bust a bust open a speaker a boom boom boom fuck the boom box bitch this is it this is our time i see the new kr$na the new beat the new sez the new hustle a new clam coming around a straight death to motherfuckers here i slay some stupid verses off the top of my tongue spit with desire with courage in my ass i see you brothers as a collective but be aware imma a kid who can shoot with a license to kill i see you kidshot blazing rappers with karma see you around high respect while am high spitting this verse i dont give a damn what your language, what your karma if you a rapper you gonna come here and here when you dont come around imma keep blasting your ears with my music an effort to lyrically lyricize my lyrical lyrics into lyrics which you can lyricize understand meaning rationalise meaning do you get it this is what rap is for me imma speak up npw since now check out my deeds my bonds my wealth my efforts my art check out the next post bitch
sapne aatey nahi muft mein kamane padte hein wo taare saare jaha se acche hein wo taare wo jinke baare mein nahi tum bolo to nahi sahi par jitna kamm bolo utna hi sahi ye nahi hein sahi sahi shahi nahi nahi bas maut aari verse ko aari maut… aari h aarii… phadna shuru hein jaari ho gaya hein maney kya bolra tu kaisa tu idhar aa tu udhar mat jaa tu aa galey lag ja par pehle verse karle bete tere baap ko bhul mere baao ko bhula mujhe bhula tu ye verse waise bhi nahi hein itnhi bhi sahi
hook nahi aara nahi aayega ab kabhi aisa karunga rap nahi hein bharosa to dekh lege aagey hoga tu peeche bol de tu ye rap god ko nahi hoga kuch bhi chal ja… beta jaa…. aakey ja… jaakey aa sabke samney batata tujhe ye galti nahi mujhse iske vastey uske rastey mat hi tu ja beta samajh mein aaya kya samajh mein aay kya uski khopdi khol de mere vastey beta beta tu padh le ye verse ko do teen(3) baar alag alag speeds pe aa ley saans le… respect
ye le hindi mein mere bhaav de isko tu aisa kaisa tu na maney y maney tu bhi bhand mein bhi bhand aa ja rehab kar le rap ko mere saath mein sabke vastey… padh le tu isko mere saath mein karle isko change tere hisaabse mere laale aaise kaise kartey rap kartey jharne jhartey bas bey ho  gaya hein mera joint roll karle isko tu lyrically join aur rap kardey aur bata ki nahi lagta aisey rap ko album art ka cover sa chuja (pronounce with care chujey)
show me show me karke phad diye tum log sabke gand kidshot karey encore encore abj ke saath… (punjabi beat)
spit verse spitverse start… spitting verse… le abhi se has ley
bas mere lale tere shane jaise shane ko nahi pata hein aaley lele yehe asli rap dum marley phir sarley sarrakley chal le mere bhashey mein ek do aur lele bata de tu ki ye sab asli hey to ye asli na ho jaye dum karey wo jo jinhey nahi aaye rap bina dum ye sab nahi kiye kum hum hum sab nahi rahe to bhi bohot sahi asat iss saare jagat mein kavita ke madhyum se rap jo karey apney sabke liye rap karey mere panchiyo ke rappers ke jhuund jinke saamney hum sab hein jhund tu bhi jhund holey
jhund karey jhund sabko ye jhuund hasley beta hasley tu iss rap pe nahi karunga tereko samapt issko is gap mein lele beta peele dum marley is rap ke ras mein bhul ja tu divine jaise chuthiye ko ek raftaar mein samapt karlu jinko giraftaar mein baal nochlu uskey us emiway ke aa karle jo karna heini ukhadley jo ukhad sakta hein jhaat he ye sab iss rap industry ke pest ke pest control ho tum sab ek sath saala ye rap nahi diss hein aakhri mein wada karta hu aagey bhi diss hi aaney waley hein…
(sarcastic)_ay dum maro-ley dum maro re dum maro le dum kar le thodi sharam kar le kam kar le rum has le iss bat pe… tum dum maro dum… ye gaana asli nahi hein

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infinite rhymes©

first spit
im spitting in the verse with something coming out the door walking in talking shit like the makeshift clause coming out my mouth showing teeth showing pics showing grits showing strength fucking hoes like the smoke goes away it goes with air in the fair not fair done done giving a fuck about the same
imma hoe down now smoke a joint lift pick the pick up goes the click down goes the flair some shit busting rhymes with shit flying all over the town shitting spit in spitting verses like the verses all going down twice in the game real game filling myself with adderall going down with a semi-auto-matic-ally shooting down peeps and the pope smacking crack at the back of a crack van slipping town leaving brown everywhere we go
out-rhyme-ming eminen like the ching from the bling town flying like brown killing rhymes like ming ming ching wing going to town flying horses like unicorn making chick sounds going all over town packing back in the back of a van sacking crack out the sack sipping liquor and smacking smack smack bitch smack that shit
precision precision precision pre-see-sion vision see me in my gang banging meaning singing like the group from the east spitting like beast cause imma fucking beast when it comes to spitfuck spit fuck like verse spitting fucks all over all over we go go like the fucking band for from the east ceasing to exist with my name all over i imma me myself shout my spit for the first time this is it
second spit
imma make some clause verse go back to the night fall in the state i fall in the state of bliss and confusion at night when i think about the makes that remakes the state of the art that makes this world go around coz what goes around comes around sooner than later it seems when you seems to be spitting better than eminem and then than that anillyst myself dipdexes i come around and then make you peeps peep rappers go around when it comes to me making raps cause raps cause rapping for a cause blah blah bleh black sheep go around come forth and see my lyrical spit you shit
i make plugs plunge like sponge coz when i spit like a king rapper i suck the words out of rap gods when i stretch and flex like i am not afraid of anyone except the rap coz causes coz me to cause coz for no cause
i spit at the verse like i verse against the verse versus me versing against someone at which i dont spit for no fuck nonetheless it comes to me to go fuck at the rap fuck happening everywhere fuckkk i make freestyle free style with free style rapping claps at the freestyle fucking sarcasm and comedy ffucking orgasm-ic mic making sounds like no mic ever done around since a long time around since no paul no drupaul could spit for fuck
imma record breaker too in my own way when i snatch claws at the snitch clause coz santa claus not gunna spit for me coz even if he does it aint taking out the sting from me that i possess for the time being imma make the best out of this sarcasmic comedy orgasm-ic-ally taking the rap alley back from bullshit hip-hop allying and prancing dancing like a bitch prostituting around
read my paras backwards like stanzas and you get to see that i fuck around coz the spit i make causeless for causes i make at THE causes causes my birds to spit throw verses around
third spit
this isn’t something for you to spit on about the same thing going on everywhere else in the world where the fuck are you come and see me in my den yes mine den in the big ben big ben’s ass hole mothafucka i didn’t see you coming in the vibe you tribe bitch bitch i don’t give a fuck you slick chick slut bitch
a slick slime coming out the door in the door between you and me and mine and yours and theirs and thine spine pine cone tree house shaking with us inside this isn’t a slut song sorry fuck you and fuck you two too makeshift bitch didn’t you see coming since the start this is the third i made my first spit mine by mine own what the fuck you doing here in my den mine own free my birds tickling you in in the wind this rhyme is the third chime kids flying in the wind aaahhh fuck
here i free my first crime launch my style revibe this vibe i dare to spit i dare to fuck your rap rhyme bitch kill this bitch here i come flying faster than noise i scream infinite timing
fourth spit
you and me while in the chime i rhyme my rap i see these peeps coming up in the world my own world it shakes like its something else yearning to recognise myself in theirs i spit my fourth come forth see my style my vibe my bitch i dont care what you see i do care you feel tho i don’t know come see my slap rap come hear my song i kill kids like you like that joker off the wall i didn’t see you coming off while i punch you in the face make an ace snap crack your neck like my birds jump across their necks tiny pecks i snap you like a popsicle yes eminem’s in his face like a dick hitting his ass off 8 mile yes i dare am a stan but fuck them and fuck you and yes fuck everyone else and yes this is my fourth bitch… bitch (shouts :v)
fuck his style fuck is vibe and fuck his tribe and yes fuck his and  his and fuck yours too you imbecile i revibe your words off your mouth how dare you spit in this town i see you daring like a tiny ass bitch wearing a snap crown oh snap it seems i oopssssed likle your crack bitch ooops like fuck the rhymes you spit rhymes rhymes rhymes is all i see and spit speak fuck spit fuck fuck speak spit like the king fuck you rappers and your gods and the self-ac-claimed rap god
i see you like a deep prabh deep on your beat sez and i wait to give you straight death you crack rap i wanna crack your tongues on crack like crack i snap this beat for you others i can see you drool off your computer and the mac in the back of an ack-tors back since you rap like you act in your fuck-king videos here i launch my third chimying rhymes rhyming like one rhyme – developing psychs
fourth spit
am blowing up am showing up in this town with slick chicks slip sticks writing my names on the wall graffiti illegal shit going around with these rappers showing their names on my youtube screen screen wash brain wash i am going down the tube with their talent pushing me down i recognise i do but i also do not give a shit do not acknowledge it do acknowledge that this there everywhere this is what is going on what’s showing down what’s slipping off tongues what’s rocking dvd players everywhere
playas showing up at my face am killing them am killing them am filling them (logic style) with grenades bombs spilling them spilling the down right down this alley right i go only i go down this alley be mine like my birds showing up down the sun sight sunset sight set this right with my birds my birds them coming up right coming up right i am walking down them alleys them alleys ‘them’ belonging to them them rappers with might no might no right you got to put me in this condition condescension convocation of these rappers imma do now that imma putting out my fi’th spit fifth time by the way am rocking this house shaking up them walls of rap right down the tube right away from them shit house hip hop rappers
i do what i do when i do it i do it right right this time i speak up about them rappers coming up showing up their rap games blocking rap games showing true rap in their right i keep this right to spit this shit i rhyme lyrical like a ly-ri-cist lyrical-ly showing grits showing jaws of bone rapping liquid like the smoke spit i spit across these faces no i don’t spit at them i spit at them if you know whether you know if you know if you deserve to know that you do yes i say this i am calling i am rooting for you tooting my mouth to spit shout like we spit the shout to kill thmem phony rappers kill them offsets kill them triple exes and kill those fucking jay zs slap right across their faces i say this with all of you motherfucking rappers in front of my back i come right back right behind your eyes still reflecting in your eyes with my hand sliding lighting some smoke getting ready for that rap shit clap shit this shit is lit this is how i ref-lect it coz-i-can cause i can motherfuckaaa!? anilyst analyse this lit shit…. shittt!
yes i keep a question mark in this town open for me to say some shit about myself now imma kill you niggas like using niggas for shit attention shit marketing you do i keeps this right for myself too yes i do come kill me if you can i dont mean meaning that me-s literally do not give a fuck bitch keeping this right i see  you fight with might to keep yourself alive hiding behind that fake mask of a fake rapper of a fake hip hop rap of a fake fake community of yous fakerrrr
sixth spit
checking friends checking names checking friend’s lists and their names imma rock up this hill up side down am on so much weed such weed that my hands go flying around across the necks their necks eminem’s neck’s like a big deck full of words syllables like crimes on the branches of his trees of fans of trees shitting around spitting around like a clown like a clown’s face my rhyme goes rhyme ming ming ming ching ching i say these to these peeps in my sleeps sleeps like a baby in my hands i keep the mics to say these things tings tings rings them bells off these necks off these rappers decks of cash i snatch from them without their consent consensual-ise these verses across as i go off your necks like them headphones spinning around over my album art i announce this berzerk ness coming around like a picasso off your logic limits your logic into logical nonsense nonsense verses i verse around versing these verses across verses eminem’s verses verses verses verses…. aah(sarcastic)
weird huh? i done done don’t giving a fuck huh donning a fuck huh fucking a don huh? bitch this is the me lyrically speaking comical-ly rhyming this time announcing a crazy stan coming around yes again and again i come around as i spit this joke while i write type right things onto my screen filtering out the crazies off the crazies i give to you i admit am a little psychoholic alcoholic rhyming rhymer bad timer as i spit these comedy one liners
give credit to my birds rhyming enough is enough flying around showing beaks no teeth still they rhyme and laugh at their own jokes thrown at them huh eminem takes the blame for these verses as i don’t care these be weird but still mine i mime with pride imagine eminem’s face as he raps not afraid as he reacts to this verse not afraid of the joke times three huh lyricist huh i imagine you imagine giving me some hard time for this write right? huh
dipdexes bitch bitch dipdexes me be some crazy bird decking some crazy decks-s s pronounced as alphabetical ‘s’ huh infinite timing huh
p s soff huh… get it? huuh
p.s. read the lyrics as fast as you can and try to find the best rhyme

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logic l-o-gic lame-old-logic lame-o-logic©

starting to think that the world is full of garbage when it comes to technological evolution due to the misinterpretation, reuse and acceptance of circular knowledge frameworks leading up to limited innovation. Common proof of this inference is the so called Moore’s law- technological innovation will get stuck at nano tech and production cost. One more factor that can easily be added to this ‘law’ is doomed scientific research and progress. This effect can be observed in other scientific fields as well, for example, physics- stuck at multiple points which can be defined using displacement scale and frame of reference- the two basic achievements of science and mathematics. We are talking about inconsistent and full-of-assumption theories like general relativity, quantum mechanics, string theories, etc. Getting back to computer science and technological side of development, we can see that programming languages and microprocessors are not getting any faster despite reduction in size of the processors due to the repetition of the same, inefficient, decades old base/base logic. Frustrating since the internet is insufficient when it comes to trying to reinvent basic principles and technological avenues- no one seems to know the exact mechanisms; this is also because of bullshit companies patenting basic technologies. FUCK SOCIETY.

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